Empowered From WIthin Doula Services

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I offer an initial no obligation consultation.

 I will visit with you in your home, or a place of your choosing, to discuss your preferences, reveal insights into your own natural coping mechanisms, uncover and manage fear, supplement your education and empower your decision making process. 

I can give you insight about your own natural coping mechanisms, uncover and manage any fears, and supplement your education.

Together, we will navigate through difficult decisions and the often overwhelming amount of information and well-intentioned advice.

With me you’ll have early and continuous labour support when and where you need it. I also offer back-up birth support by a secondary doula.

I am a trained expert and offer compassionate birth support employing a wide array of non-pharmacological pain management and comfort measures to suit your needs.

My goal is to help you as you transition into parenthood.

Breastfeeding assistance and baby wearing consultations included, upon request.

You will get unconditional support, helpful information, and access to local resources when you need help and the companionship of another mother who has already made the journey. 24/7 support is available through phone, text and email during and after birth.

Birth Doula Package $650

  • 1 Prenatal visit lasting 1 ½ to 2 hours each.  During this sessions, we will discuss in depth your wishes, thoughts, feelings, and expectations regarding labour and delivery, and my role as a support person. I will help you prepare a birth plan. We will go over your decisions for coping with discomfort, and the possibilities for relaxation, breathing, visualization techniques, and positions for labour.  I also offer informational support on common interventions; what they are, the benefits, and the risks to allow you to make informed decisions.
  • 24/7 on call service for:
    • Questions
    • Concerns
    • Support
  • Continuous labour support.  You decide when I join you in your journey.  I like to stay for about 2 hours after birth to ensure breastfeeding has been established, and you are resting comfortably.
  • 1 postpartum visits lasting 1 hour 
  • Digital photos