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Quotes Erika, Words can't express the many thanks that I would like to extend to you, not only as my doula, but as my friend. You have gone above and beyond your duties, which shows your true character, kindness and compassion. You have been a great support to me and my family and always a listening ear. I don't know what I would have done without you. You have turned what could have been a horrible birthing experience into a great one, and for that I am forever thankful. You will do well as a doula and any family will be lucky to have you. I would like to say thank you again and wish you well on your journey. Quotes
La Toya Brooks

Quotes I didn't really know what to look for in a Doula. But from the first phone call I had with Erika, I immediately felt at ease with her. On the other side of the line was a person who genuinely cared about my hopes, wishes, dreams and fears of birth. Most importantly, she sincerely wanted to help me achieve my vision of the birth I wanted for my second child: a birth with minimal interventions. The day of the birth was indescribable. She helped me stay calm and composed through the use of unique comfort measures. She advocated for my wishes for childbirth diplomatically. And all this was done without overstepping boundaries, something I heard is a struggle for some Doulas out there. What makes Erika stand out from the crowd? Words can't do justice to her great personality, but one thing's for sure, is she is genuine in all that she does. Quotes
Amani Obeid